'Whimsical Dot' Ensemble H. Halpern Esq. 'Whimsical Dot' Dress ShirtH. Halpern Esq. 'Fuchsia Neat on Satin' Tie'Pink Crystal' Cufflinks

'Whimsical Dot' Ensemble

$596.00 Shirt - H. Halpern Esq. 'Whimsical Dot' Dress Shirt. Add some fun to your wardrobe. Fuchsia paisley trims the collar & French cuffs. Alternating buttons & button holes in fuchsia & navy make this a great shirt with or without a tie. Made in Canada exclusively for H. Halpern Esq. 100% cotton. $278
Tie - H. Halpern Esq. 'Fuchsia Neat on Satin' Tie. Vibrant satin with small floral neat design. Made in Canada. 100% silk. $168
Cufflinks - 'Pink Crystal' Cufflinks. Swarovski crystals in shades of pink and purple. $150