How to Get A Perfect Fit

Most men wear shirts with collars that are too tight, and don't even realize it. Watch our video for tips to measure yourself for a correct and comfortable fit.

All of our cotton shirts are manufactured to allow for shrinkage. Any noticeable shrinkage will take place over the first three to four washes, and can be up to 2.5%

If you have any questions about determining your proper shirt size, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sport Shirt Sizing

Measure your neck size to determine your sport shirt size.

15"-15.5" = Medium • 16"-16.5" = Large • 17"-17.5" = XL • 18"-18.5" = XXL


Sleeve Length

Measure from the middle of the back (just below your collar) over the top of your shoulder, down to the point where you want the sleeves to end. NOTE: a properly fitting dress shirt should extend ¼”-½” beyond the bottom of your jacket sleeve. The shirt cuff should sit at the top of your thumb joint (where your thumb joins your hand).

Our dress shirts are made in up to three sleeve lengths: Regular (32"-33"), LONG (34"-35") and in some cases TALL (36"-37"). If you do not see your size listed on our website, please contact us. We may be able to make it happen!

If you find that your sleeve length falls between two of our sizes, you should choose the longer of the two.


Neck Size

Wrap a tape measure around your neck, where your collar normally rests. Place two fingers between your neck and the tape. This added space ensures a more comfortable fit, even after the shirt has shrunk slightly due to washing.


Body Size

The majority of our shirts are made with a North American man in mind. That is to say that while we do make some shirts that are fitted, most of our shirts are a regular cut. We do indicate in the shirt descriptions if a shirt is a trimmer body. Trimmer does not mean TAPERED. If a Tapered fit is required, we are able to add darts to any of our shirts to taper them. Please contact us for details on the fit of any of our shirts and what fit would work best for you.