The ART is in the DETAILS

Cool Painting

At H. Halpern Esq. we are always looking to promote local, Canadian talent – goldsmiths for cufflinks, watchmakers, and craftspeople to create our unique shirts and ties. Recently we found an artist who shares our love of men’s fashion, and who shares our belief that ‘Art is in the DETAILS’.

Purple Abstract SocksToronto artist Gordon Shadrach creates a world where art and fashion collide to create indelible images. Dubbed a “Menswear Artisan”, his unique perspective integrates elements of fine art with fashion illustration and allows the viewer to cultivate personal narratives of his work. Working in acrylic on wood, Gordon takes his inspiration from the simple beauty of men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories and elevates them to works of art.

At H. Halpern Esq. we have always believed that it is the small things that make any outfit great. A colourful pocket square, a great pair of unique cufflinks, or an amazing pair of socks take any suit to the next level. It is the details that are memorable - the real Art of Fashion.

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