A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Victoria Peulic  •  Sep 29, 2017  •  

Enjoy some fabulous pictures from our Fall/Winter collection and let them speak to you...need we say more?
















A Packing Guide For Your Long Weekend Getaway

Victoria Peulic  •  Aug 02, 2017  •  

In the blink of an eye, summer is over... Or at least that's how it feels. So why not take advantage of every possible moment to enjoy the weather, see the world or get some R&R. The August long weekend is fast approaching. As we reach the last month of summer it's the perfect excuse to go out with the guys or take the family to the cottage or to the city as a break from the everyday routine. Whether you're choosing to spend the long weekend living lavishly or living leisurely, we've created a guide to help you pack the perfect wardrobe for your mini summer getaway.


1. Robert Graham Fedora 

City Life: This Robert Graham Fedora will guarantee to add a sense of flare to your ensemble when sipping cocktails on the patio. 

Cottage Life: Planning to spend the day laying on the dock or the beach? The Robert Graham Fedora will be sure to protect you from an unwanted sunburn on your face and still keep you looking stylish.


*Robert Graham Fedora available in-store only* 


 2. G Fox & Co. Sunglasses

City Life/Cottage Life: Wooden frame sunglasses are the latest trend in eyewear. Need I say more? 


*G Fox & Co. Sunglasses available in-store only*


3. Truefitt & Hill Cologne/Aftershave/Shaving 

City Life/Cottage Life: Everyone loves a well kept man. Be sure to pack all your grooming necessities to keep looking & smelling fresh. 



4. Bugatchi Knit T-Shirt and/or Eight x Premium T-Shirt

City Life: Whether you're going out shopping or catching up with friends these t-shirts are perfect when paired with jeans and/or shorts for a more casual look. 

Cottage Life: Planning on hitting the golf course? You'll need one of these t-shirts. 


*Eight x Premium shirts available in-store only*


5. Sport Shirts vs. Dress Shirts 

City Life: Dress shirts are the ultimate go-to when going out for dinner or for a night out on the town. 

Cottage Life: Sport shirts are perfect for looking dressy yet casual when going into town or out for a meal. 



6. Sport Jacket 

City Life: Planning to sit on the patio for dinner/drinks? Bring a sport jacket to add style to your outfit and to stay warm. 

Cottage Life: Summer nights can get chilly when near the water. Remember to pack a casual cotton or linen sport jacket to wear when taking a walk on the beach or around town.


*Sport jackets available in-store only* 


7. Lapel Flowers/Bows 

City Life/Cottage Life: Look extra classy by adding a lapel flower/bow to your jacket! 



8. Pocket Squares/Circles 

City Life/Cottage Life: Summer is too hot for ties most of the time. But you can still add colour and personality to your sport/suit jacket with a great pocket square or pocket circle. Pick your favourite summer colours and add them to your suitcase! 



9. Tense Watches 

City Life/Cottage Life: Pair any outfit with a Tense natural wooden watch to give yourself a casual yet dressy look. 



10. SAXX Underwear

City Life/Cottage Life: Always stay comfortable gentlemen with SAXX underwear. 



11. Belt

City Life/Cottage Life: Either to keep your pants up fellas or to add style, you always need a belt. 


*Belts available in-store only*


12. Socks 

City Life/Cottage Life: Pair every outfit with socks that will make you stand out! 



13. Shoe Laces

City/Cottage Life: Boat shoes, running shoes or casual shoes, colourful laces are just needed. 



14. Umbrella 

City Life/Cottage Life: Rain could come even when not in the forecast, as we've experienced this summer. So have an umbrella with you at all times.



*Bonus Item: Robert Graham Silk Robe & Boxers 

City Life/Cottage Life: There is no alarm clock when on vacation. Roll out of bed, put on your Robert Graham silk robe and boxers and head to the dock/balcony for breakfast and mimosas. You're on vacation for goodness sake, treat yourself. 








The Original Wooden Watch

Victoria Peulic  •  Jun 02, 2017  •  
In keeping true to our mission to offer items designed and manufactured in Canada, and in honor of Canada's 150th birthday, we had to feature our handcrafted wooden watches that are proudly made in Canada.  Tense was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 1971 and has produced this eye catching and eco-friendly accessories for both men & women.  This company designs and manufactures wooden watches in a sustainable process made from 100% natural recycled wood from Africa, America and Canada.  Each band and watch is made from a specific wood and features a high grade Japanese stainless steel movement.  These strikingly unique watches will stand out from the crowd because of how they look, but it is the actual weight of the watch that shocks most people.  Tense watches are remarkably light. Offering a wide variety of styles, Tense watches can be worn casually or for more formal occasions.  Tense is a proudly Canadian company and we are pleased to offer their watches to our customers as together we celebrate Canada's 150th.

Canada Turns 150

Victoria Peulic  •  May 05, 2017  •  
Oh Canada 150!  That's right, Canada turns the big 150 this year and we could not be more excited.  This spring/summer will be filled with Blue Jays games, poutine and of course maple syrup on everything.  As a Canadian company, we continue to seek out products and unique items designed and manufactured in the country we love to call home.  To celebrate the diversity of our country and highlight some of the beauty, we took it to the next level. We know you want to look your best in honour of Canada's birthday, so we have created ensembles using Canadian inspiration to ensure you keep the birthday celebrations going in the office and on the weekend. Whether you live in British Columbia or Newfoundland, we have classic yet daring shirts, ties and accessories that express Canadian heritage from coast to coast.  What better way is there to embrace the true north than by wearing Canadian made and inspired outfits? Embrace your Canadian spirit and celebrate Canada's 150 in style. 

Air New Zealand has Colour!

Meredith Halpern  •  Apr 27, 2017  •  Air New ZealandAir NZ  •  

What makes a good uniform? Something that is easy to wear, consistent, creates an air of professionalism, and is suitable for a variety of people in all shapes and sizes. But when you are creating a corporate uniform, you need something that will also represent your brand. I was recently on an Air New Zealand flight, and one thing stood out right away for me - the uniforms on the Air New Zealand staff. Perhaps it is my line of work - an occupational hazard? But if that's the case, why can I not tell you what a single Air Canada crew member wears? I have certainly flown on more Air Canada flights in my lifetime than any other airline. So what was it that made these uniforms so special? Colour. My specialty is menswear, so I will not comment on the styles chosen for women aside from saying the colour is still memorable. Men wear dark pinstriped suits with patterned ties featuring stylized Maori symbols in vibrant pink or teal to match the dresses or scarves of their female counterparts. Their dress shirts, with either teal or pink stripes, and coordinating pocket squares, show that someone actually put thought into the ensemble. 

Aside from the excellent service, helpful staff and great entertainment system, what I will remember most about my 22 hours of flying with Air New Zealand was the clothing! Now, that's good branding!