The Original Wooden Watch

Victoria Peulic  •  Jun 02, 2017  •  
In keeping true to our mission to offer items designed and manufactured in Canada, and in honor of Canada's 150th birthday, we had to feature our handcrafted wooden watches that are proudly made in Canada.  Tense was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 1971 and has produced this eye catching and eco-friendly accessories for both men & women.  This company designs and manufactures wooden watches in a sustainable process made from 100% natural recycled wood from Africa, America and Canada.  Each band and watch is made from a specific wood and features a high grade Japanese stainless steel movement.  These strikingly unique watches will stand out from the crowd because of how they look, but it is the actual weight of the watch that shocks most people.  Tense watches are remarkably light. Offering a wide variety of styles, Tense watches can be worn casually or for more formal occasions.  Tense is a proudly Canadian company and we are pleased to offer their watches to our customers as together we celebrate Canada's 150th.

Canada Turns 150

Victoria Peulic  •  May 05, 2017  •  
Oh Canada 150!  That's right, Canada turns the big 150 this year and we could not be more excited.  This spring/summer will be filled with Blue Jays games, poutine and of course maple syrup on everything.  As a Canadian company, we continue to seek out products and unique items designed and manufactured in the country we love to call home.  To celebrate the diversity of our country and highlight some of the beauty, we took it to the next level. We know you want to look your best in honour of Canada's birthday, so we have created ensembles using Canadian inspiration to ensure you keep the birthday celebrations going in the office and on the weekend. Whether you live in British Columbia or Newfoundland, we have classic yet daring shirts, ties and accessories that express Canadian heritage from coast to coast.  What better way is there to embrace the true north than by wearing Canadian made and inspired outfits? Embrace your Canadian spirit and celebrate Canada's 150 in style. 

Air New Zealand has Colour!

Meredith Halpern  •  Apr 27, 2017  •  Air New ZealandAir NZ  •  

What makes a good uniform? Something that is easy to wear, consistent, creates an air of professionalism, and is suitable for a variety of people in all shapes and sizes. But when you are creating a corporate uniform, you need something that will also represent your brand. I was recently on an Air New Zealand flight, and one thing stood out right away for me - the uniforms on the Air New Zealand staff. Perhaps it is my line of work - an occupational hazard? But if that's the case, why can I not tell you what a single Air Canada crew member wears? I have certainly flown on more Air Canada flights in my lifetime than any other airline. So what was it that made these uniforms so special? Colour. My specialty is menswear, so I will not comment on the styles chosen for women aside from saying the colour is still memorable. Men wear dark pinstriped suits with patterned ties featuring stylized Maori symbols in vibrant pink or teal to match the dresses or scarves of their female counterparts. Their dress shirts, with either teal or pink stripes, and coordinating pocket squares, show that someone actually put thought into the ensemble. 

Aside from the excellent service, helpful staff and great entertainment system, what I will remember most about my 22 hours of flying with Air New Zealand was the clothing! Now, that's good branding!

The Colourful Bounty of Autumn

Meredith Halpern  •  Sep 28, 2016  •  

Mulberry Ensemble


Autumn is a time for colour. The trees turn a myriad of shades from gold to flaming reds. The fall sky is a deep, crisp blue. And the markets have a bounty of beautiful fruits and vegetables from the fall harvests. So why do the majority of clothing retailers insist on filling their store windows with black and grey? As I walk or drive past a street full of shops, I want to be inspired! I should see an opportunity to build on my wardrobe for the coming season. Instead I see a wash of dark grey and black. As the weather turns, and the fear of a snowy winter is in the air, why not clothe ourselves in optimism? Rich burgundy, bright blue, chestnut brown, deep purple - these vibrant hues reflect the change of season while embracing the colourful nature of Autumn! Now is the time! Eat well and dress well this fall. Embrace the colour of the season and the bounty of Autumn.


The Polished Man: Dressing your best at the Bata Shoe Museum.

Meredith Halpern  •  Apr 11, 2016  •  
The Polished Man: Dressing your best at the BSM

What are you up to on April 29th? Why not join H. Halpern Esq. at the Bata Shoe museum for a great event!

The Polished Man: Dressing Your Best at the BSM

Are you a young professional looking to build a quality wardrobe? Or a mature man interested in seeing the latest in chic accessories?

Join us for a special evening that’s dedicated to men’s style! Listen as Pedro Mendes, one of Toronto’s leading men’s style experts and the man behind the very popular online site The Hogtown Rake advises on dressing well, building and maintaining a wardrobe and why it’s important to do so. Also on hand will be patina artist Emmanuel Farré from Maison Patina and Parisian menswear boutique – Loding. Emmanuel will demonstrate his unique and elegant patina technique on genuine leather goods and footwear. With pop-up shops stacked with premium men’s accessories from H. Halpern Esq., Stolen Riches and Rebels Refinery, along with shoe care products/demonstrations by Leatherfoot, guests will also see beautiful, handcrafted shoes by bespoke shoemaker Peter Feeney.

Tours of the exhibition Standing Tall: The Curious History of Men in Heels will be offered throughout the evening. Don’t forget to use #BSMdressingwell and share the glam!

5:30 – 9 pm | $20 per person. | Cash Bar + DJ. | Tickets can be purchased online by visiting our Tickets page or by calling 416.979.7799 x228. | Proceeds will go to support the BSM’s Step Ahead Program which subsidizes school field trips for students in at-risk neighbourhoods.