Artist Norman Lewis Knew about Colour

Norman Lewis produced some of the most colourful and abstract works of art.Thirty two years ago his paintings were barely acknowledged both because of his use of colour and the fact that he was black.

Although he is no longer alive, today his paintings are world renowned and his unique use of colour and design have made his paintings sought after and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 1984 H. Halpern Esq opened in the lobby of the hotel adjacent to The Metro Toronto Convention Centre. At the time men were very reluctant to try colour and detail in their accessory wardrobe. It took a while, but today clients world wide enjoy our designs and colourful shirts, ties and accessories.

Our latest catalogue for Spring 2016 has been published. “The Art is in the Details” shows how the art world parallels our fashion world. Like Norman’s paintings  our accessories are like works of art. They may not cost what Norman Lewis’s creations do, but we can guarantee you will feel like a million dollars when you wear them.


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