The Solution to the Button-Down Dilemma


Button-down collars have advantages. They stay in place when you are wearing a sweater or sport jacket. They look tidy when you are wearing your collar open, without a tie. But not everyone likes the look of the buttons. Also, they may not be so easy to find. We have found a new solution to the Button-Down Dilemma!

The newest product we have brought into the shop is Magnetic Collar stay from “Wurkin Stiffs.” This innovative product allows you to have the advantages of a button-down collar but with the look of a regular collar.

Place the Power Stays™ into your shirt’s collar stay pockets and place the super-strong magnets on the inside of the shirt… It’s that easy!

The magnets act like hidden buttons which go on the underside of the shirt. This means all you "button down" collar guys can finally wear your straight collar shirts and button them down too!

See our website for different size options and replacement magnets.

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