What to wear to the company Christmas party

The "Company Christmas Party" is not what it used to be. No longer are businesses hosting big splashy galas that require suits or formal attire. More and more company parties are lunches or more casual get-togethers. So what do you wear when you can no longer pull out the shirt and tie uniform? Dressing for more casual occasions can be tricky, and many people make the mistake of going too far in the casual direction. "Smart-casual" is what you should aim for. The holiday season still requires some style. Dress pants are recommended over jeans in most cases. Often the jeans-with-a-blazer look is not pulled off well enough to fit into a nicely attired crowd.  While a shirt and tie is not necessary, a beautiful sport shirt or "Flex" shirt (a shirt that can be worn with or without a tie) is the way to go. You can always wear a blazer or sport jacket with a colourful pocket square to co-ordinate with your shirt, in place of a tie. And don't forget wonderful socks. They are always a way to get a conversation going!


If you find you are more dressed up than the rest of the crowd, it is easy to take off the jacket and blend in a bit more. But why not be the best dressed guy in the room, instead of being remembered as the rookie who looked like he rolled out of bed to attend the company holiday event.

Happy Holidays from all of us at H. HALPERN ESQ.


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