How do you Clean a Tie?

A tie is made up of many different materials – inner lining, thread, interfacing, and the silk outer shell. Each reacts differently to dry cleaning. As a result, often ties will not retain their proper shape after they have been dry cleaned. Although you can send ties to a dry cleaner, we recommend the use of a reputable stain removing product whenever possible. One that we would recommend is "Silk & Clean". This particular stain remover is specifically designed for silk. It works on both oil and water based stains. It evaporates quickly to avoid leaving rings around the stain. The chemical agent used in the Silk & Clean solution is friendly to the fabric, human skin and to the environment.


The following are instructions on spot cleaning. Always read the instructions on a stain removing product before applying to the tie – ensure it is suitable for use on silk.

  • If the mark is water based, first let it dry, then rub the stain remover over the mark in the direction of the weave of the fabric.
  • If the spot is particularly difficult, we recommend that you steam the stain area before using the stain remover, as above.
  • Always dry ties flat, otherwise they can lose their shape
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