Tiptoe through the tulips this summer...in GREAT socks.

We all know your belt matches your shoes. This is a rule. Like not wearing white after Labour day! But what about matching your socks? Once upon a time you would match your socks to your shoes OR to your pants. But it would appear that these fashion laws were made to be broken. These days your sock colour options are ENDLESS. Perhaps you are in the mood for something a bit...happier than just black or navy socks. Socks are a way of showing a bit of personality, but not in an "in your face" kind of way. It is almost like wearing nice underwear - you know it's there even if the rest of the world isn't aware of it. And until you sit down and flash a little ankle, it is your own personal smile-maker. So here is your chance to live on the edge and break the rules your father lived by - wear orange socks with those black shoes. The Fashion Police will commend you.

Enjoy your summer!

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