Waist Management

Still wearing that drab old cracked leather belt? It’s time to recycle, and realize that belts were not invented only to hold your pants up. They are a great fashion accessory. It seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of guys don’t take advantage of their belts as an opportunity to inject some personality to their outfits. Since we dress casually more often today, the belt is the new tie.

Our braided stretch belts from Anderson’s of Italy will make a fashion statement, and attract the attention your outfit deserves. They are woven using a specific old loom that works with up to 17 different threads. Available in Purple, Yellow, Blue and Orange, and a choice of two outstanding multicolour combinations (pictured).

Or maybe our butter soft vintage finished leather with hand-stitched contrast trim is more to your liking. Custom made exclusively in Canada using the finest European skins, and available in blue with yellow trim or yellow with blue trim, it’s a “cinch” you’ll get admiring glances from middle management wearing one of these.

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