Key to a perfect shave:

Shaving is one of man’s greatest traditions. Unfortunately years of inadequate practice have turned what should be a regal experience into a mundane chore. Here are some guidelines that we hope will return shaving to its proper place in the lives of men.


Truefitt and Hill, a company that has been helping men groom themselves since 1805, knows a thing or two about how best to shave:

1. Pre-Prepare your skin like a pro.

You need a shower. Seriously. Shaving in (or immediately after) a hot shower provides the closest shave possible. If a shower is out of the question prepare a hot, moist towel and place it on your face for 2-3 minutes prior to shaving. This opens up the pores of the skin and soften the whiskers. Using a pre-shave oil is also important, as it protects your skin from the harshness of the blade. Whether you are using shaving soap or shaving cream it is important to work up a good lather. Once you are ready to apply the lather, a badger hair brush is best for achieving an even coverage, readying the whiskers and exfoliating the skin.

2. During - Shaving should not be a stuggle.

For the majority of beards, we recommend a high quality razor. In combination with our pre-shave routine the progressively aligned edges of the razor allow for the cleanest, most comfortable shave out there. Razors should be changed frequently so they will not require much added pressure. Simply follow the grain of your beard and let the blades provide soft, comfortable strokes.

3. Post - It's not over till it's over.

One of the biggest mistakes made by men is thinking that a shave is finished once they put down the razor. To properly finish off the shave, a cold, wet towel should be applied to the skin in order to close up the invigorated pores. In addition, the use of an aftershave balm goes miles toward properly completing a quality shave. With a soothing moisturizer that contains lanolin and aloe vera extract, the skin can be rejuvenated and nourished within minutes.

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