What makes a well dressed man?

Whenever I am training new staff to work in the shop I ask them this question: "What makes a well dressed man?" I suggest they pick out someone on the street that looks well dressed to them and analyze what it is that gives that impression.  It is amazing how a well dressed man will stand out in a crowd.

In my experience, it is the details that make the difference. A great belt, nicely shined shoes, a pocket square in a jacket pocket...but the number one sign of a well dressed man is that he wears clothes that FIT properly. Sleeves that are not too long, shirts that are not too roomy - but not too tight either; Jackets that fit well across the shoulders; if he is wearing trim fitting pants are they just a bit shorter to show the back of the shoe?

It is time to pay attention. It isn't just what you wear, but how you wear it. Do it right, and it will be noticed.