Sharp Dressed Man

What makes a “Sharp Dressed Man” so sharp? And why is it important? Not just to make the ladies turn their heads, as ZZ Top suggests. When you are well put together, in an outfit that fits right, and feels right, YOU feel right.

A well dressed man subtly suggests to the world around him that he matters, and he is worth your notice. If he has taken the time to put himself together well, he is a man that pays attention. And what makes that impression? Well shined shoes, a perfectly tied tie, a suit that fits you well, a well pressed shirt with no signs of wear on the collar and cuffs… the details make the man.

And don’t be afraid of colour. A splash of colour can also add a bit of flare when used the right way–great socks, a pocket square or fun cufflinks. When you have all of the right pieces in the right places, you stand a little taller and have that extra edge… that’s what makes the girls crazy.

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