Up Schitt's Creek with a Designer Label

Cast of Schitt's Creek

Now entering its second season on CBC, Schitt’s Creek has proven to be both entertaining and very fashion forward. The show was created by Eugene Levy and son Daniel Levy, whom some might considered to be the ‘Royal Family’ of Canadian comedy. For those of you who have not caught an episode, I would recommend doing so if for no other reason than to see the clothing! This is the story of the obscenely wealthy Rose family who has their fortune stripped from them due to a shady accountant. They are left with nothing but a suitcase each, and a town that was bought as a gag because if its name: Schitt’s Creek. So they head to Schitt’s Creek while they figure out how to get their lives back on track – and hilarity ensues.

Without even hearing a word of the very funny dialogue, you can tell these folks are fish out of water just by LOOKING at them. This small back-water town has never seen anything quite like the Rose family. Their wardrobe speaks volumes on how they understand the world – and they DON’T understand the world with no money in it.

The clothing choices were very carefully done to go beyond just the stereotype of what wealthy people wear, and really focus on the mind-set of haute couture. While other members of the family are dressed in clothing very influenced by Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester and high-fashion, avant-garde designers, Eugene Levy’s character is more on the conservative end of the spectrum. He is perfectly quaffed and immaculately outfitted in well tailored suits, crisp shirts, beautifully polished shoes – and ALWAYS with a pocket square. While at H. Halpern Esq. we would introduce a bit more colour to his wardrobe, he does have the air of a man with refinement and class without even opening his mouth. I have a hard time reconciling this image with the SCTV characters of old.

It is very clear that the painstaking efforts taken by these characters to keep up their appearances, and continue to wear the elegant and sometimes far-out ensembles that they put together, is an effort to remain sane in a situation that is wholly torture for them – much like a prisoner who creates a routine for themselves when in isolation to keep from going mad. Their image is all they have left. That, and this town...which is a prison sentence to them.

Well done Levy family! I look forward to seeing how things will develop with these very entertaining characters as season 2 begins on CBC.


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