Air New Zealand has Colour!

What makes a good uniform? Something that is easy to wear, consistent, creates an air of professionalism, and is suitable for a variety of people in all shapes and sizes. But when you are creating a corporate uniform, you need something that will also represent your brand. I was recently on an Air New Zealand flight, and one thing stood out right away for me - the uniforms on the Air New Zealand staff. Perhaps it is my line of work - an occupational hazard? But if that's the case, why can I not tell you what a single Air Canada crew member wears? I have certainly flown on more Air Canada flights in my lifetime than any other airline. So what was it that made these uniforms so special? Colour. My specialty is menswear, so I will not comment on the styles chosen for women aside from saying the colour is still memorable. Men wear dark pinstriped suits with patterned ties featuring stylized Maori symbols in vibrant pink or teal to match the dresses or scarves of their female counterparts. Their dress shirts, with either teal or pink stripes, and coordinating pocket squares, show that someone actually put thought into the ensemble. 

Aside from the excellent service, helpful staff and great entertainment system, what I will remember most about my 22 hours of flying with Air New Zealand was the clothing! Now, that's good branding!

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