Chocolat de Kat


 It's been a dreadful snowy winter in Toronto and quite frankly we are over it. It's time for Spring and time to indulge yourself... in H. Halpern Esq. & some succulent bonbons that is. Come on gentlemen, you know you deserve it.

We've created a unique and indulgent experience this Spring by partnering with 'Chocolat de Kat'. If H. Halpern Esq. ever made chocolates, they would look much like the creations of this amazing chocolatier! Kata Ambrus, owner of the Toronto-based 'Chocolat de Kat', makes her chocolates in small batches, using only the best ingredients. With a Masters Degree in Art History and spending a few years working and learning in the pastry world such as the Classic French Pastry Arts program in NYC, she has discovered a way to create tiny pieces of edible art. Kata & her friend Hazel (a coffee connoisseur) dreamed of starting their very own brand of exquisite bonbons and luxurious coffee, thus Lion Coffee x Chocolat de Kat was created. The perfect shop to experience a variety of coffee blends while enjoying a rich range of 25 flavors of handmade chocolates. 

Kata takes inspiration from what she eats & her favorite flavors and dreams up each one of her creations. All of the chocolates are made with care and she hand paints, shells, fills and caps each one. She creates 100-200 bonbons a day such as her new chocolates with multiple layers, like the cherry cheesecake.  

To fully cherish these chocolates, you know we had to do a tasting... and let me tell you that they are as good as they look. These soft uniquely colourful bonbons are the perfect ratio of gooey chocolate with a burst of decadent flavors. From now until Easter, we would like to share Kata's beautiful handcrafted confections! With any purchase from H. Halpern Esq. of $300 or more, of regular priced merchandise, enjoy an assorted box of 4 'Chocolat de Kat' chocolates. We hope that all of you enjoy her chocolates as much as we do.  




*Ordering Online? Use promo code: BONBONS.

*Chocolates have no eggs and can be stored for 1-2 months in the fridge or 1-2 weeks in room temperature.

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