Courage in Colour


Over the rainbow


I had an interesting realization this week. As these Covid months have worn on, and our lockdown has been extended again, I have found myself wearing more and more grey. Each day getting dressed I have been seeking out my coziest clothes rather than my most attractive. As I reached for yet another grey sweatshirt I asked myself 'who will see me anyway?' The answer to that question (aside from my family) is ME! I will see me! Each time I pass my reflection and get a glimpse of myself I WILL SEE ME! So this week I made a change. I found COURAGE in COLOUR! I put on accessories! I even put on a bit of make up *gasp*. And it felt good - it felt NORMAL. I was reminded of the expression 'Fake it till you make it'. Getting dressed is the perfect way to 'fake it' and feel like you are back in the real world. We have all joked about the joy of having Zoom meetings while wearing pajama bottoms. But what if we actually got dressed as if we were still functioning as social creatures? I was filled with a sense of purpose that I had been missing. I was reminded of the importance of feeling in control. My appearance is one thing that I have total control over! The rest of the world my be upside-down, but my socks match my outfit damn it! LOL. And that little act of defiance, that one simply choice to look like I didn't just roll out of bed, made all the difference.

Try it. Let me know how you feel. Send me a photo! I would love to hear from you.