Thick & Thirsty or Sexy & Silky?

'Vintage Deer' Robe

It's a Sunday morning, you roll out of bed, breathe in the aroma of coffee and bacon and slip into your luxurious robe. You enjoy a delicious breakfast and spend the day lounging by the fire with your family. Are you picturing this perfect Sunday? Good. Now do you want to be in a cozy robe or are you a classy kind of man? Either way, we've got what you need.

Our full length 'Vintage Deer' shawl collar robe is ideal for any man that wants to stay warm and cozy while relaxing. But our silver and blue paisley 'Silk Robe' with a hand-knotted fringed belt is perfect for any classy gent sitting by the fire. It's almost that time of year to hibernate inside and we want you to look your best by wearing a fabulous cotton velour or silk robe. It's your choice gentlemen... thick & thirsty or sexy & silky? 

'Silk' Robe


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