From Italy with Love

On Howard’s last trip to Italy he made sure to visit the showroom of one of our most loved Italian neckwear designers, Vitaliano, in Bologna. In anticipation of spring 2018, that has yet to truly begin, he selected an outstanding collection of Vitaliano pleated ties that feature Swarovski crystals. What better way to take a black suit up to the next level, or make a tuxedo more dramatic?  In addition to ties, for the first time, Howard brought home a limited number of truly remarkable silk shirts. Each shirt is made using Vitaliano’s signature tie silk – vibrant and luxurious. You simply have to see them to believe them. We will not be showing these shirts on our website as they are in such limited quantity. Believe me when I tell you it is worth the trip to the shop to see these extraordinary silk shirts. 


We will look forward to Howard’s next trip to see what amazing things he brings home for us!

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