Get Creative with Colour

We Canadians are used to the change in seasons, from scorching summer to blustering winter. When the temperature starts to drop and we begin to hibernate, our style starts to reflect the true north winters as black & grey become the norm. But just because our style has to change with the weather, that doesn't mean we can't get creative with colour. Each season we create new designs of unique shirts using colorful fabrics and interesting details to ensure that our clients stand out amid the muted colour palette we so often see in the fall/winter season. 


When our creative minds are flowing with ideas we often take pencil to paper to help make our designs come to life, thus our inspiration for this fall/winter collection. We've combined our love for creativity & colour to design a lineup of H. Halpern Esq. looks that are in season but with a twist. The 'drawing' theme with the added element of an adult coloring book was the perfect combination of being creative with colour. We are often asked 'Where do you get ideas for new shirts?' This repeated question lead us to the idea to give YOU the chance to get creative and design a shirt the way you want it! So sit back, relax and make something real with your own hands for a chance to win your dream shirt. Click Here for a printable Shirt Template and start colouring!

Trim on the collar and cuffs…colourful buttons…interesting stitching details…pocket, no pocket…you decide! Once you have colored in the shirt, take a photo! Post it on Instagram or Facebook by tagging our page and using #hhalpernesqcontest to be entered to win. If selected, your shirt will be custom made for you!* 



 *Contest submissions end September 30th, 2019.
The winning entry will be announced October 15th, 2019. Contact us for contest details.


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