Insight and Inspiration from Italy


There are two things I never understood before being in Italy in August. Firstly, how an entire country, including all of my Italian shirt and tie makers, could just be on vacation for the entire month. And secondly...linen; I have never been a fan of linen as it looks like you have slept in it the moment you put it on! Having spent a few weeks in Italy in August, I now have a much better understanding of BOTH! While we certainly had our share of heat in North America this summer, it simply does not compare to what the heat feels like in Tuscany. I am not an expert on weather by any means, but I do know when it is a hot as it was this August in Tuscany, there is very little you can do aside from wanting to keep cool. Working in such heat is simply not possible. So...a vacation sounds like a great plan! Swimming in the sea, eating a LOT of gelato, and wearing clothing as light weight as possible are a few ways to keep your cool. 


Both on the streets and in the shops there was linen. Until now I have never understood the appeal. But with weather that feels like 40 degrees, less is more. Linen is breathable and light weight. Who cares about the creases! I finally get it! So when our spring line begins to arrive in February, don't be surprised to see linen in all sorts of colours. It is the way to go in the heat of summer 2024.


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