Is the Belt the new Tie?

H. Halpern Esq. BeltsWhile ties still have a place in a man's wardrobe, we can all agree they are no longer the staple for everyday work wear. So how can you still add some personality to your clothing? At a time when many retailers are playing it 'safe' with stores full of black, grey and tan, there are a few ways to inject some colour and your own personal style. 

A fabulous belt, like ties of old, is a low stakes way to incorporate some fun in your outfit while keeping to the basics with the rest of your outfit. It's time to put away your sweats and start wearing your Big Boy pants again - and those pants need a great belt. Whether it's a colourful leather patchwork or one of several multi-coloured elastic belts from 7 Downie St., we are excited to have you try out this new show-stopping accessory for yourself.


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