It's time for the SHIRT to Shine!

I believe I could hear the collective GASP from the entire menswear community as Elizabeth Frantz's photo of three past presidents, all without ties, made it's way around the internet last week. While the open collar look is nothing new (just see what people wore to the Oscars) it is a bit of a shock to see men of their stature and status without a tie at such a public event. 

So what does this mean in the world of men's fashion? In our's time to up your SHIRT game! One of the main functions of a tie has been to create interest and add personality to your ensemble. Without that bit of flash, all that's left is a blank canvas with no colour or adornment - as you can see from the three gentlemen in the photo! 

Why not use this opportunity to explore the amazing world of unique dress shirts? At H. Halpern Esq. we believe in adding colour and texture through beautiful fabrics and stitching. We find fun buttons to create interest and use contrasting button holes just for fun!

The rules have been broken now. Let's blaze a trail into this new world of men's fashion with beauty and elegance and personality! It's time for the SHIRT to SHINE!

Shirts by H. Halpern Esq.



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