Lighting up the Dark days of Winter

Our new collection of desk accessories from Gingko UK is the perfect combination of form and function. At H. Halpern Esq. we always keep an eye out for innovative design and this award winning series of compact desk lights and other accessories really grabbed our attention. And for good reason! Using the latest technology and a fresh, modern approach, they bring elegance and practicality together in a seamless and sustainable way, creating lighting, accessories and timepieces that will bring something truly special to your home.
The first item in the Gingko collection that drew our attention was the Octagon One desk lamp. This series is available in a variety of wood types and has four brightness settings.The focal point of the design is a beautifully shaped octagon wood finish base with a touch control button and in-built rechargeable battery which creates a totally wireless LED desk lamp which can be positioned at three different angles.
Teardrop floating bulb
The 'Teardrop Floating Lightbulb' design was the next desk lamp to dazzle us. The bulb is literally floating! The base of the light and holder have powerful magnets that suspend the light and wirelessly transfers power through magnetic induction. Merely moving the bulb close to the holder sets it in place and switches it on. Any accidental knocks simply connect the bulb to its holder, ensuring that it never drops. How cool is that!?
And so began our interest in Gingko. 
A perfect compliment to the unique mix of accessories at H. Halpern Esq. Visit our Gingko Page to see the full collection.
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