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Everywhere we go, we have our keys with us. It's become habit to grab for them as you walk out the door. You go through the mental checklist: phone? check. wallet? check. keys? check. 

Men carry a remarkable number of things in their pockets and now that pants are so trim having a messy, jingling bundle of keys is not ideal. Orbitkey focuses on reducing clutter by keeping your keys flat in a neat & stylish stack. It will eliminate key jingles, scratches and a bulky keychain. Think the style of a Swiss Army knife but you can get it through airport security. Designed with the utmost function this secure mechanism can fit 2-7 keys plus an added D-ring for your car key/fob or any larger keys. 


To ensure that your key organizer has style, Orbitkey has designed a variety of highly durable, premium finishes - leather, nylon, rubber & the new crazy horse. Each fabric style is available in numerous colours with a stainless steel mechanism. Let's take a deeper look at each of their key organizer styles.


The Leather range embodies elegance! A combination of natural hand crafted leathers, it will age & develop patina over time keeping this organizer a unique beauty throughout the years. 

 'Navy' Leather'Charcoal' Leather


The Nylon range is perfect for those on the move. This strong fabric is water resistant & durable to securely hold your keys.

'Terracotta' Nylon'Onyx Black' Nylon


 Active - Rubber
The 'Active' range is made with a smooth, highly resistant rubber. During any adventure, in any weather, it's durable enough to handle your day. It is made from Poylmer TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and is water and dust-proof.

'Black Active' Orbitkey'Black Active' Orbitkey


Crazy Horse
The newest fabric by Orbitkey is a highly resilient leather with a unique look. The 'Crazy Horse' is a high quality leather made from a full grain cowhide, is completely buffed, smoothed and coated with a special wax that will allow it to develop a natural patina over time. This special wax will also help to strengthen the leather plus if you scratch or scuff your Orbitkey, don't worry! With a few strokes of your fingertips, it can be buffed out. Eventually, the leather will darken & mature thus creating a rustic yet aged look.

 'Maple Red' Crazy Horse Orbitkey'Marine Blue' Crazy Horse Orbitkey


Orbitkey has truly thought of everything! With these added accessories, you'll have everything you need on your key organizer. A slim USB stick (8GB & 32GB) and a multi-tool which has a multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flat head screwdriver, a file and a bottle opener.




Also, they have partnered with Chipolo to create a Bluetooth Tracker that will allow you to locate your keys when you ultimately lose them. Simply download the Chipolo app and with the touch of a button you can track your keys to avoid the panic of having to find them when you're in a rush. You'll hear this ringer within a 50m range! This neat compact design will fit perfectly into your key organizer or can be attached to the key ring by it's tassel. Plus use the button on the tracker to trigger your phone camera shutter to get that perfect selfie! 

Chipolo Bluetooth TrackerChipolo Bluetooth Tracker

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