The Colourful Bounty of Autumn

Mulberry Ensemble


Autumn is a time for colour. The trees turn a myriad of shades from gold to flaming reds. The fall sky is a deep, crisp blue. And the markets have a bounty of beautiful fruits and vegetables from the fall harvests. So why do the majority of clothing retailers insist on filling their store windows with black and grey? As I walk or drive past a street full of shops, I want to be inspired! I should see an opportunity to build on my wardrobe for the coming season. Instead I see a wash of dark grey and black. As the weather turns, and the fear of a snowy winter is in the air, why not clothe ourselves in optimism? Rich burgundy, bright blue, chestnut brown, deep purple - these vibrant hues reflect the change of season while embracing the colourful nature of Autumn! Now is the time! Eat well and dress well this fall. Embrace the colour of the season and the bounty of Autumn.


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