The H. HALPERN ESQ. Guide to Shirts



Acquiring an H. Halpern Esq. shirt can sometimes be a daunting task. The process of selecting the right colour, pattern, size and fit can be a tad overwhelming. With guidance, however, bewilderment can change to decisiveness and the perfect purchase. If you're wanting more than a plain white shirt, something that will spark conversation, then you'll need our expertise on what to consider when buying our fabulous shirts. 

Step One: Why are you wanting to buy a shirt? 
When talking with clients, we love to get a sense as to why they are wanting one of our shirts. Is it for the office, or a special occasion? Are you matching your shirt with a sport jacket and/or suit? (bonus points if you bring the suit and/or jacket to the store!) Whether you need formal, casual or a mix, we've got you covered.
Step Two: What colour/pattern are you looking for? 
Now we get to the fun stuff! It's time to think about colour. There are a lot of options to consider; the body of the shirt, the trim, buttons or stitching detail. The colour and/or pattern of your suit or jacket will help you with your selection of shirt. Whether the shirt has stripes, dots or checks you have to decide what is the most 'you' & go from there. A plain suit will give you a lot more choice than a patterned stripe or checked outfit will allow.
Step Three: What type of features?
Next, we consider any features you just can't live without. These include cuff style, collar style and body fit. Cuff style: Options include French cuffs that allow you to show off a beautiful pair of cufflinks, button cuffs, or perhaps a convertible cuff with buttons but that also allows you to wear cufflinks. Collar styles: Include our popular medium spread, button down, hidden button down or even an eyelet collar for a collar pin. Body fit: Our most popular body style is a classic but modern fit. A slimmer fit is also an option.
*Keep in mind, we can always adjust anything if you fall in love with a specific shirt that doesn't have the features you're looking for. 
Step Four: Use our knowledge & expertise
Try it on! At H. Halpern Esq. we pride ourselves on selling you the perfect garment for whatever your lifestyle demands. We want you to be happy with your purchase and become one of our many returning clients. No detail is too small. We will make sure your choice of shirt has the right fit, collar style, body style and sleeve length as well as the perfect colour and design. We've attached our size guide to the bottom of this post for you to review.
Step Five: The rest of the story

You are now the proud owner of a beautiful shirt from H. Halpern Esq. (yay!) To complete the look, we suggest colorful socks from our extensive collection of patterns and plains, a coordinating silk necktie, and pocket handkerchief. If you're buying a French cuff shirt then a great pair of cufflinks are a must have. Or perhaps it is time to purchase a new leather belt. Our accessories are the 'piece de resistance' to making your outfit the recipient of many compliments.

Our suggestions:
Our “Candy Stripe” Dress Shirt is perfect for business or play. With a tie, it is the most elegant of textured white dress shirts. Without the tie, the colourful buttons and trim become the focal point and turn it into a sport shirt that will be admired by all. Paired with our 'Stripes on Blue' socks, you will definitely be putting your right foot forward.


'Candy Stripe' Dress Shirt'Stripes on Blue' sock


Our 'Elite Platinum Patchwork' Sport Shirt is another white textured shirt but with a funky multi patterned placket down the front. This shirt can be worn with dress pants or jeans and can take you from the office to the bar. Pair it with our 'Skull & Crossbones' socks to be bad to the bone.


'Elite Platinum Patchwork' Sport Shirt'Skull & Crossbone' Socks






Sleeve Length
Measure from the middle of the back (just below your collar) over the top of your shoulder, down to the point where you want the sleeves to end. NOTE: a properly fitting dress shirt should extend ¼”-½” beyond the bottom of your jacket sleeve. The shirt cuff should sit at the top of your thumb joint (where your thumb joins your hand).
Our dress shirts are made in up to three sleeve lengths: Regular (32"-33") LONG (34"-35") and in some cases TALL (36"-37"). If you do not see your size listed on our website, please contact us. We may be able to make it happen!
If you find that your sleeve length falls between two of our sizes, you should choose the longer of the two.
Neck Size
Wrap a tape measure around your neck, where your collar normally rests. Place two fingers between your neck and the tape. This added space ensures a more comfortable fit, even after the shirt has shrunk slightly due to washing.
Body Fit
The majority of our shirts are made with a North American man in mind. That is to say that while we do make some shirts that are fitted, most of our shirts are a regular cut. We do indicate in the shirt descriptions if a shirt is a trimmer body. Trimmer does not mean TAPERED. If a Tapered fit is required, we are able to add darts to any of our shirts to taper them. Please contact us for details on the fit of any of our shirts and what fit would work best for you.
All of our cotton shirts are manufactured to allow for shrinkage. Any noticeable shrinkage will take place over the first three to four washes, and can be up to 2.5%
If you have any questions about determining your proper shirt size, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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