'The Magicians' have STYLE!

With the Corona virus keeping us all at home, many of us are delving into the depths of television and streaming services. One show that caught my attention for reasons beyond just escapism, was The Magicians on Amazon Prime.
This fantasy series, based on a novel, is a colourful mash up of 'Harry Potter', 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', and any other YA series with a bunch of university students saving the world. But what struck me most of all about this series is the clothing! One thing I will say for Magicians...they have STYLE. Each season, as the characters develop from students to royalty to those on a quest, their wardrobe evolves right along with them. Each character has a look that changes over time, but one thing that is consistent is an attention to neckwear! As a haberdasher, that's really what caught my eye. Whether it's a bohemian scarf, a dapper bow tie or a unique 'Eldridge' knot tie, these guys know how to pull off the look they are going after.
In a world where neckwear seems all but dead, this series magically brings back the art of dressing well.
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