The Passing of an Icon

The fashion world has just lost an icon: Edward Sexton. While he dressed some of the biggest rock stars of our time, he himself was a Rock Star in the sartorial world. From Mick Jagger to Harry Styles, his classic yet forward fashion suit designs have been worn by some of the most well known names in the music business over the decades. When Nutters opened in the 60's, Sexton and his partner Tommy Nutter rejuvenated Saville Row and revolutionized menswear. He introduced new silhouettes in suits - an area of menswear that had seen very little in the way of innovation. Sexton understood that a perfectly fitting suit can make you feel like you are on top of the world. You stand a little taller, you are more confident and secure. His attention to detail and craftsmanship is hard to find in a world where 'fast fashion' is so rampant. He added beauty and art in everything he created. In doing so he makes us want to take pride in the clothing we make.

Edward Sexton's passing marks the end of era.

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