Rob Rodney - The Versatile Storage Bag



As laws change, and new cannabis dispensaries open each day, the modern marijuana enthusiast needs a new, upscale way to enjoy a variety of cannabis products. These elegant Rob Rodney leather bags are practical while brimming with style. Simple yet innovative, featuring pot-focused design trends and a cool, customizable interior. Liquor has a cabinet, fine wine has a special fridge and choice cigars have a fancy humidor. It's time for cannabis to catch up. Don't you think it's time to replace that ziplock bag with something a little more sophisticated? 




So how did this modern company get started? The creator, Mark Frahm became inspired by the birth of his son. He learned that children get into everything... which sparked the idea of a travel like case for his marijuana. A case that is sealed tight with a lock to keep out of children's way. These bags make organizing easy. Joints? Vapes? Gummies? Oils? A place for everything and everything in it's place. 




These elegant scent containing bags are made from 100% genuine leather and are available in a big & little size. Inside, you'll find interior bags that are magnetically attached, airtight bamboo-lid jars and a secure elastic anchoring straps. Plus the steel construction makes the zipper unbreakable and it comes with a combination lock. It's safe, without being industrial. But it's not just for your stash! The movable interior pockets allow you to use these lovely bags for many different purposes. This bag might just become your favourite travel accessory!




You're a grown up, store your stash with class.






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