Ties as Art - Then and Now

Meredith and Howard Halpern with Countess Mara tie


When Vitaliano showed us their new collection of beaded and embroidered ties Howard flashed back to 1971 when he was first introduced to a spectacular series of ties from Countess Mara. While the ties themselves are quite different, both the Countess Mara collection and the Vitaliano collection have one thing very much in common - they are works of ART. In 1971 a silk tie would sell for under $20 however, these ties were selling for $298. So it is no surprise that more than 50 years later, the Vitaliano collection is selling for more than $500. These pieces are timeless. Howard was able to pull out one of the Countess Mara ties that he had been saving all of these years. With velvet and genuine gold and ruby applique, the tie is unlike anything that exists today. And with the introduction of Vitaliano's Limited Edition Beaded ties, it is clear they will be unequalled in the market for years to come. Wearable Art will never go out of fashion.

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