Turn Over A New Leaf

As we step out for our morning coffee, we notice a crispness in the air that welcomes the return of autumn. The city embraces a bounty of colour, the crunching of leaves under foot and the earthy smell of fall. It's a great time to renew your wardrobe with fresh colours and unique styles that allow you to bundle up but still remain fashionable. Keeping with our love of luxury, bold patterns and, of course, colour we've created the perfect collection that will keep you looking trendy and ready for the season. We've been inspired by everything the true north has to offer this time of year and created shirts, ties & accessories that truly represent the changing season here in Toronto. At H. Halpern Esq. we will be turning over a new leaf by releasing exclusive styles in a limited quantity more regularly than once a season. We are trying something new & exciting and we hope you do the same with all of your fall/winter ensembles. Change can be a beautiful thing! 
Vintage Deer Robe