The Memobottle is a premium slimline, reusable water bottle designed to fit stylishly into handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, airplane seat pouches and even within your pocket; designed to fit where other bottles don’t. The Memobottle is made from a durable BPA-free and cradle-to-cradle certified plastic.

The Australian founders of Memobottle set out to create an environmentally friendly, yet convenient alternative to disposable water bottles. Memobottle aims to challenge how we as a society think about water consumption, and to educate about the environmental costs of our modern conveniences. Memobottle is a proud supporter of, a not-for-profit organization that works in developing nations to provide clean drinking water to those in need. has empowered over 10 million people with access to safe water and sanitation. Every Memobottle sold provides one person with two months' access to clean water.