Tie one on!


Now that TIFF is on, we are seeing the stars on the red carpet and bow ties are all the rage. As the receptions come to a close the undone bow ties hang from their collars and still look cool. So the question we have to ask is do you know how to tie your bow tie? It is as easy to tie as your shoe-lace - unless your mother is still tying those for you, and then we need to have a whole other discuss.


Although we carry bowties that are pre-tied (and by hand, no less), we would much rather see you “tie one on” like a Hollywood star. Our colourful assortment of  tie-yourself bows are sure to impress even the most finicky among us. Meredith and Howard Halpern have both graduated magna cum laude from “Bowtie U” and are happy to show you how easy a skill it is to acquire. While we do have tying instructions on our website, our suggestion is first try with your eyes closed...yes, you read it right! Close your eyes and tie it like your shoe lace - THEN go to the mirror and straighten it out. We are always here to help with your tying emergencies!



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